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I of the report concludes that the investigation did not find sufficient evidence that the campaign “coordinated or conspired with the Russian government in its election-interference activities”. Lion To My Dear Son In Law. How much quid pro quo did Obama engage in when he gave billions to Iran in the dark of night?

Lion To My Dear Son In Law

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Lion To My Dear Son In Law hoodie

I don’t think I’m above the law, like Trump does. That’s why he will be impeached, in case you need a simple analysis. Don’t see what a military law book has to do with this impeachment process. Think you are over thinking it, trying to make excuses for the biggest joke in American history. Paul you fat Aussie prick, how can you not think your above the law when it should be a crime to be as dumb and ugly as you are? I looked like you and had your intelligence level I would not be talking about other people’s intellect and appearance child. Frank you didn’t “rat out his worthless ass” because President Jimmy Carter didn’t break the damn law!!! Lion To My Dear Son In Law. He may have not been the most effective President, but he’s a brilliant statesman and foreign ambassador and has worked tirelessly to espouse his Christian ideals thru his work in Africa and with Habitat for Humanity. He is a genuinely good, caring and honest person who tried to play the game of politics and lost for just those same reasons. He has more worth as human being than a billion Trumps or anyone in his lousy administration or sorry, worthless family. Also Vindman is a patriot and an honor to his uniform and .

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