Lion To My Dear Son In Law Mug

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English wherein the American person on the call solicited a thing of value from the Ukranian person on the call. Punishable by up to 5 years in prison, which is nice. Lion To My Dear Son In Law Mug. Yes, there were conversations on unsecured phones.

Lion To My Dear Son In Law Mug

Lion To My Dear Son In Law Mug- true red
Mug- true red
Lion To My Dear Son In Law Mug- Navy
Mug- Navy
Lion To My Dear Son In Law Mug- Chocolate
Mug- Chocolate

There have been a lot. A whole raft of articles written about how bad Trump is at securing classified information. And the no bribery, no quid pro quo thing was an oddly precisely accurate quote of what Trump read from his cheat sheet today. The “cheat sheet” repeated what the Dems witness said. I suggest you watch the hearings. Scott Lancer either case..the Ukranian President came out on numerous occasions stating the exact opposite of what Dems are saying. Lion To My Dear Son In Law Mug. I think that was enough from the beginning. Hmmm the supposed victim of qpq,bribery etc..says nothing happened and was not threatened when he spoke to Trump. I guess his words dont mean anything right? I think it’s enough when the Ukranian President himself said on numerous occassions no qpd, bribery or whatever the hell Dems are saying that day. How is that not enough? Heres your proof of wrong doing they all said it was held and this is the penal code that trump broke and it will be prosecuted for Under our Constitution.Makes it a federal crime to directly or indirectly try to get someone to contribute something of value to benefit a political candidate by threatening the denial of any benefit made possible in whole or in part by an Act of Congress. The cicumstantial evidence is everywhere! If someone walks inside with a wet umbrella, do you need to step outside our can you safely assume thats its probably raining?

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