Lips aries slay face mask

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So proud of those 23 senators who chose the needs of America over the craven desires of our military, the lives of the American people over the death of soldiers abroad. Lips aries slay face mask. The rest of the Dems are no better than the Republicans, time for them to go along with their corrupt Republican brethren.

Lips aries slay face mask

Lips aries slay face mask - detail
face mask – detail

Rebuild the roads,& bridges,& put people to work not BS programs. Real work. Not hand-outs. People need to work hard,& bleed,&,sweat! Bunch of babies it’s sad we want dignity not words. 74 bil will build a lot. This man, I mean Senator Sanders, speaks like a God-sent one who believes in & speaks for the people & their welfare untiringly-no matter whether he could win the race for the nomination of the Party. Now he is moving heaven & earth for 10% cut of Pentagon spending & the investment thereof for “human needs”. Lips aries slay face mask. That is for the welfare of children, elderly & working people. There cannot be a better manifesto than those he proposes. A victory in Democratic Caucus in the Senate is a step forward although, in the end, it looks not easy. But the comments, given here, seem encouraging.

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