Lips taurus slay face mask

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People not aware of the waste and money bleed from military contracts are saying Dem’s are unAmerican. Lips taurus slay face mask. wish they even knew what some of the budget is really for. You can bet if the reduction holds, they won’t tighten the budget that is merely going to support production of excess and unneeded equipment like tanks. They will cut the human side of things, punishing the men and women of the military. Even essentials like VAMC services. Governors and state legislatures do it all the time. Must keep the pork coming in!

Lips taurus slay face mask

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face mask – detail

Campaign Finance Reform with full disclosure of any and all monies going to politicians, PAC’s, and “think tanks” is pretty much the only thing that could remotely START fixing the widespread corruption. We also need term limits, so becoming a public servant isn’t a career – if a politician can’t deliver on their campaign promises in 12 years, another 30 years isn’t going to make any difference. How sad out of 100. Progress for the people is so slow. So many will be/are in such a bad place and that is going to get much worse. Lips taurus slay face mask. The priority of the people we elected don’t care as much for the people as they do for war. The insane thing is that we have to do this at all. It should be a given that we should be taking care of our brothers. I sometimes wonder what form of Christianity our conservative group follows.

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