Liverpool FC Players Signature shirt, hoodie and v-neck

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For so many reasons! I don’t disagree that those who have served time have paid their price if you will? Liverpool FC Players Signature. But not being able to vote is a price they paid. Their choice.

Liverpool FC Players Signature

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Liverpool FC Players Signature hoodie

So what comes next? A felon for multiple DUI’s gets a drivers license back? A convicted child molester gets to work at a day care center? DUIs and driving have a direct correlation. That restriction makes sense. You cant vote because you robbed a house? What’s the connection. Now if they organized voter fraud or something similar, sure. Dont let them anywhere near a polling place. If you could point out the clause, phrase, or article in the Constitution that says you lose your right to vote because you’re an ex-con, that’d be great, thanks. I’d want them on my jury for one! Not sure that if I’d want to commit a felony and not being able to vote again ! Liverpool FC Players Signature. Michael M Martens, at the same time, I doubt you have any issues with that gentleman who dared to mention Biden the Younger’s past scraps with drugs, and was shut down with the pot-meet-kettle smack. And not to talk of all the others who are “serving” in public positions and on the public dime after having committed a range of offenses. Felons are everywhere. You never know. I know many people who have felonys. Youd never guess it though because people do change. Michael M Martens none of that is even comparable to voting. Letting them vote does not put anyone at risk of harm like the examples you gave would. Martens we have surpassed Russia in incarceration our citizens for non violent crimes and with the amount of racist bias in our laws, disenfranchisement is a huge way to maintain such injustice.

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