Los Angeles Dodgers I’m Groot Tumbler

Do you want it? Los Angeles Dodgers I’m Groot Tumbler. Full color, available in a few days. Buy it today before we sell out.



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I said I was sad this is happening. Los Angeles Dodgers I’m Groot Tumbler. I’m allowed to be disappointed by something I had planned for over a year now.

Los Angeles Dodgers I’m Groot Tumbler

Los Angeles Dodgers I'm Groot Tumbler - 20 oz
Tumbler – 20 oz

I feel bad for everyone affected by the virus and I hope it doesn’t get much worse and that closing everything helps. But there is nothing wrong with being disappointed that what I planned and saved for isn’t going to happen. She said she understands why they are closing but is disappointed. She did not bash them closing. She is disappointed at the timing of this, not the decision to close. Los Angeles Dodgers I’m Groot Tumbler. That’s definitely what I meant! I’m totally the one person this is happening to. Good job figuring my mindset out. Yes it is ok to feel disappointed, but feel disappointed in private. We are all disappointed about problems, job loss and such around this. Just saying. These comments unreal, be disappointed its normal , my trip is at the end of april I’m sure disappointment is coming for me aswell. I completely and 100% agree with you. I am not disappointed in the closures. I am, however, disappointed in the ways I am seeing my fellow Americans react to the closures. Mainly because I’m the kind of person those closures are protecting. I live in Orlando, less than 30 minutes from Disney, and I am currently recovering from my 3rd stroke (that happened less than a month ago). I’m severely immunocompromised and I’ve been in home isolation for over a week and was told by my doctors to plan for the next several weeks. I knew that things would be bad but I didn’t know so many people would react so selfishly. I’m honestly heartbroken over it. My life is worth living too. I may be sick but I deserve to be here too.

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