LOTR you shall not pass face mask

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I don’t support Biden or Trump but this guy has had over 40 years to make America better and he has done nothing except make racist laws in the 70’s. LOTR you shall not pass face mask. Come on the Democrats could of chose someone better. The debates will be fun watch. Can’t wait

LOTR you shall not pass face mask

You shall not pass coronavirus face mask - detail
face mask – detail

Oh yeah or he will make you the President that never was. He was sent from heaven as an angel as God notices that there are a lot of demons in the Democrat party and msm. Start hidin’ with Biden. Let’s not forget joe Biden is not for black or brown people wake up!!! When Nancy Pelosi took down all those pictures in the Capitol, yes they were all Democrats and owned slaves. Trump has done exactly what he set out to do in the only way he knows how. Create needless culture wars to split the county in two. LOTR you shall not pass face mask. Pillage its resources for personal gain and get away with it. Alienate allies, reject science, and lead the pandemic by omission not action. He effectively built a wall around America, he just never told Americans that they’d be stuck inside.


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