Love Houston Astros #myastros shirt and hoodie

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Scott D Smith The government has officially confirmed UAP’s so idk what more you really need. Love Houston Astros #myastros. There are crafts of intelligent design beyond our capabilities that have been filmed on this planet by the government. “Two possibilities exist: either we are alone in the Universe or we are not. Both are equally terrifying.”- Arthur C. Clarke.

Love Houston Astros #myastros

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There are aliens yes ..spiritual and their communicate is too spiritual not technological. If you want meet em travel spiritually..evil and good though. The ufo alien info is well hidden. He didn’t have access to all information. There are dozens of different species visiting us, many of them are here on the planet, now. I know many Pleiadians. Love Houston Astros #myastros. They are open about it. They are advanced human life forms. They look almost exactly the same as us. They are in excellent physical condition and they are extremely intelligent. They are more genetically advanced than us, they have 4 less teeth than us Earth humans.. And they all come in peace. Like 4 episodes before that, Rogan had a former navy commander who chased a UFO in the early 2000s. Maybe Snowden didn’t have access to everything.. Steven Watson exactly. It could be dimesional or even natural events. Dimensions are a part of science. A lot of the alien stuff is nonsense, but ufos exist, the government released the footage themselves. The world, the universe, is friggin weird. Get over it. They haven’t contacted US intelligence, because there’s no intelligence in the US. All the intelligence they have are foreign born (mostly chinese and indians). Well that’s weird considering the Chinese steal a lot of their tech from the US… If they were so intelligent, they could’ve come up with it themselves.

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