Love boxer classic cap

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Ajani Muhammed OlalekanI love you Riri, but this picture is rubbish. Very bad image27 . Nel’k NelTake the hand out its blocking my eyes …329 . Preet GandhiIt’s a shame you are wearing a ganpati pendant and appropriating the religious beliefs of Hindus for this photo shoot ! 138 . Casmir NnannaRihanna ive removed your left hand with my mind,, I can tell you loud and clear that ive seen what you are hiding24 . Cleopatra K KalangaThis lady gets prettier everyday drop that arm27 . Michael Henry ZaramRiRi We love your music so muchWe always sing it here in heaven… See More119 . Josh BarberDamn rihanna wow I totally forgot she has a bigger chest when did she get that done8 . WillyLet just forget about the boobs ..but according to your face you’re age-ing!!! Shouldn’t you be doing something different like having A kid /family?!!64 . Antoine PelletierTo people getting mad, you know she is an adult and can do whatever the $&#% she wants? She is an artist and an entertainer! Talk about her however you want, she’s still pleased in the end… YOU TALKED ABOUT HER!!! If this picture triggers you, just a… See More10  Love boxer classic cap

Love boxer classic cap

Eye cream blah blah blah.We want a new album,did she quit her music career?. Ri !!!! R you gonna have products for men also !!!!????. hi how are you , charsleys severin , great songs you made , a met a guy by the name of enien,fendi, an insurance adjuster, i ask him to tell you hi for me ,. There’s probably no album, where’s the evidence to show one is coming. A woman was given a chance to speak at his husband’s funeral.she laughed out loud. Then she said that that was the first time she knew where her husband went. I’m about to be on my way to Utah right know Riri K much love for you gorgeous and I loved your shoot you did for the magazine and stuff k. #Rihanna didn’t know that you are very beautiful inside.. since i learn about you that you Raise your Voice for FARMERS .. these innocent, hard worker, brave and patriots farmers are just protesting against new law against thier basic rights . This law is making them SLAVES of Indian Terrorist minded Party BJP who have locked down occupied KASHMIR for more than a year’ who want freedom Love boxer classic cap

Love boxer classic cap

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