Love Deer Purple 3d Hoodie, Sweatshirt, T-shirt

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Yes, there was a time before your presidency where the media was corrupt. It was during Obama’s presidency. Love Deer Purple 3d Hoodie. They told the American people he was so great. Jennifer Messina he got you out of recession dear , and didn’t have one scandal , and didn’t employ his family.

Love Deer Purple 3d Hoodie

Love Deer Purple 3d T-shirt
3d T-shirt
Love Deer Purple 3d sweatshirt
3d sweatshirt
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Susan Stead / did you fail remedial math? Obama inherited an economy that was hemorrhaging 800,000 jobs a month. How much does that impact tax collections. Of course the deficit went up. However, by the time he left office America had lowered the annual deficit substantially unlike Trump who is adding 1 trillion a year during boom times. So where’s that money going you got it! Love Deer Purple 3d Hoodie. Tax breaks for the rich. Eric DeCinti yeah, but republicans have the most seats and they will vote againist it. You democrats are dumb now days. You used to stand for the middle class and the poor, but now you just sit there and cause chaos in America.

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