Love has no color face mask

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All protesters and police to wear two wristband white color as a sign of peace and black color as the sign of racial issue. Love has no color face mask. Demonstration should be hold in area such as park of even highway away from the building and downtown area to differentiate between the real protesters and the looters. People should corporate with police to detain the looters. Police should knee down and lower their guard in front of the protesters to avoid clash.

Love has no color face mask

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face mask – pic 1
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face mask – pic 2

Obama i love you. I celebrated ur presidency as a black man. But bro please lets focus on black problem. Encourage our youths to avoid been used by politicians. That way we will achieve racial equality. Since Trump has taken office there is has been a certain section of our country who believe that it is ok to voice or show their racial bias. Love has no color face mask. This October we as a country have no choice but to take our country back and make it better for all who call them self’s Americans. My opinion is that we need to make the Biden ticket the strongest ticket, and the only way to do that is for Biden to have a super strong running mate. The only person I could think of was to have Michele as Biden’s running mate. We have to get Trump out of office and Michele is a strong woman who can handle being the vice president, or even the President if something should happen to Biden. (God Forbid) Please talk to her because the support she would have would be at least equal to what you had when you ran. Then talk to Biden because if he wants to win this would surely do it.

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