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Well..I wish you the best Mr Biden..don’t forget to rule America with the fear of God at heart.. Is this a serious statement? Whoever has their hand up your back sure thinks Americans are stupid. Before Byian took office America was racist almost feels like a breath of fresh air thank God not everybody respects everybody there’s no one special race in this country no anyway we’re going to be incredible strong is like America ask more responsible like it is now because of the GOP that’s the last time I’m voting Republican apparently there’s no balls. Before you took office, the border was closed, gas was relatively cheap, and we had stable economic recovery from an unavoidable pandemic. Now we have about 10 crises happening at once.. Breath of fresh air and a ray of light and hope after the dark and hopeless tunnel of corruption deceit and recklessness . Love Horse american flag 3D polo shirt and hoodie

Horse american flag 3D All Over Print Hoodie

Barb FrankThat’s way too much money cut it back! It’s MY MONEY and I deserve a say! NO!26 . Kevin CarnahanPretty easy to draft a budget after creating 6 trillion dollars. You’ll go down in history as the President who crashed the economy with massive inflation and destroyed our National Security. Leaving quite a mess for whomever replaces you in 3 years. T… See More38 . John Promer Sr.Good luck Democrats can’t even pass an investigation of the attack on our Capitol. Biden is starting to look like a one term president.30 . Melissa SmithWow. Actual work AND transparency? It’s like, an actual capable leader with skills and knowledge. Thanks for just rolling up your sleeves and doing the work in the face of the chaos that was created for you, as well as the adversity you face from the i… See More69 . Bruce MurdockLike it, more things done that have been in decades. Some are to unghh, errghh, to notice it. Also, activating the “return plastic” would be good the the country. it helps a lot of things…21  Love Horse american flag 3D polo shirt and hoodie

Horse american flag 3D All Over Print Hoodie

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