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It takes years of research human blood, donors, lab hours and nothing is free. Love social worker life face mask. The work done now is for future generations maybe two years and there is two ways to plan the results:if you want little kids like your family to beat the virus, blood donors, elected officials are needed to enable scientific research to do their work. We must follow how other countries contain spreading virus. We must educate those complaining to educate others like themselves. Sure the cost is going to be expensive that’s why we need good elected officials to help control the cost to poor and other countries needing future improvements on world health

Love social worker life face mask

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Free” means the government pays for the vaccines which means the taxpayers pay for the vaccine. Love social worker life face mask. Maybe instead of charging taxpayers for it pass a bill that requires insurance to cover the cost? And for people who don’t have insurance throw them a freebie because they need it? Sounds smarter than calling something you’ll get billed for later free. Can we stop saying free? Somebody has to foot the bill. The issue is affordability. It’s really hard to debate the merits of healthcare for all when we perpetuate the idea that people get “free stuff.” Anything that is essential to living should be covered by the taxes we pay. It’s a shame that we claim to be the best country in the world but can’t take care of all of our citizens.

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