Love thy neighbor face mask

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Just use your senses. 150.000 isn’t just something. It’s a lot. Love thy neighbor face mask. Not all would have been saved, but not all should have died. In Europe, and for sure in Belgium ??, we had dark moments, some of the darkest in decennia, but we see light at the end of the tunnel. You should too. Vote Joe. Just vote Joe. Greetings from Belgium

Love thy neighbor face mask

Love thy neighbor face mask - detailLove thy neighbor face mask - detail
face mask – detail

It helps to know we still have friends in other countries watching and wishing us well. We will get through this and restore our country’s reputation in the world with Joe leading the way. Kind words appreciated. Not only citizens in countries need to work together. The world needs to work together. Love thy neighbor face mask. This pandemic will be beaten. If you dont live in america and see the mess that liberals are allowing in this country then dont say anything! Joe is not the answer. Biden isn’t even capable of forming these sentences here, let alone truly caring. He’s had 40 years to care and hasn’t yet, so, what makes you think he’s gonna start Jan 20th 2021. We all know and clearly remember when Trump, put out the signal to people in Michigan Wisconsin and South Carolina, to “liberate their states”! That’s when the armed trumper militia stormed the State House in Michigan….in fact it’s probably some of those People that are now dressed in black trumps secret service illegally arresting peaceful protesters in Portland

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