Lynyrd Skynyrd US 1990 Quilt

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Lynyrd Skynyrd US 1990 Quilt
If you’re looking for bedding that will keep you warm during the extreme cold of winter or just to offset a summer night’s chill, fleece is soft and cozy but lightweight. Fleece offers luxurious comfort because of its extra-long, high-quality fibers and it’s also extremely durable. Here is what you should keep in mind when buying a brand new fleece blanket.

Keeping Function in Mind – Lynyrd Skynyrd US 1990 Quilt

Fleece blankets can serve many different purposes depending on the age of the recipient. For example, of you are purchasing a baby blanket you should keep the softness of the blanket more in mind than if you are purchasing a fleece blanket for the living room.

Lynyrd Skynyrd US 1990 Quilt
Lynyrd Skynyrd US 1990 Quilt

Choosing the Right Size of Blanket – Lynyrd Skynyrd US 1990 Quilt

Typically, receiving blankets are a complete 30-inch square. Swaddling blankets are slightly larger and are usually a square measuring about 42 inches. Buyers interested in fleece as bedding for cribs or baby beds can buy a standard size crib quilt, which is 45 by 60 inches, or a slightly larger blanket to fit children’s beds.

Different Weights of Fleece – Lynyrd Skynyrd US 1990 Quilt

One of the biggest benefits of fleece blankets is the fact that they are very warm but lightweight. However, there are actually different types, or weights, of fleece blankets that can provide more or less warmth. There are three main fleece blanket weights available in blankets.

  • Microfleece – the lightest type of fleece, appropriate for baby blankets or swaddling
  • Hundredweight – heavier than microfleece, ideal for bedding
  • Medium Weight – ultra durable, great for providing extra warmth, ideal for blankets that sit on the grass or floor


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