Maintanance Dept Cat Puke Division Shirt, Sweatshirt And V-neck

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It’s obvious ‘free market capitalism’ can’t sustain itself. If it could, then it wouldn’t need to come to the federal government every 10 years asking for some corporate socialism in order to bail itself out. The capitalist investor class should just admit that it need help from time to time. There’s no shame in it. Maintanance Dept Cat Puke Division. The only thing the working class is asking for is that our federal government extend that same consideration to them, too, in the form of some sort of economic social democracy or democratic socialism. In other words, not just corporate socialism for the rich, but democratic socialism for the working class, so they can get some help

Maintanance Dept Cat Puke Division Shirt

Maintanance Dept Cat Puke Division sweatsirt
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Maintanance Dept Cat Puke Division v-neck

This unemployment number was covid 19 related and there also the $1600 added to that. I know there are undocumented folks that have suffered too because the industry they work in aren’t opening up because of the virus. Some people were trying to get fired so hey could take advantage of unemployment being so high. I know my room mate works two jobs and he really tired to get those so he could support himself. He would make more on unemployment right now. What about teachers? Maintanance Dept Cat Puke Division. They receive no money for the months they don’t work but they are still working? Can you speak to that? You can’t just cherry pick a group because emotions are high. Everyone is suffering now. 40 millions of americans lost their jobs three months ago due to coronavirus. However, only 25% went back to work. Most of people who went back to work were furloughed, and some of them are no longer working full time. The vast majority of unemployed americans were permanently laid off, they will need to look for new jobs which is not easy.

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