Make america great again face mask

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We are the strongest and largest economy in the world. we put food on their tables, suply armys and give protection to multiple countries… Make america great again face mask. Our foundations that web the earth are feeding poor and treating diseased daily.

Make america great again face mask

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The USA’s existence alone has prevented wars and ended them. You’re a sad individual that is constantly told what to think, do and buy. You’re a sheep and the media is your pasture. I think the Trump administration will have entire courses devoted to analyzing the damage. Make america great again face mask. Doctoral thesis will be written. Trump hasn’t accomplished anything of importance in his 3+ years. He started with a growing economy and claimed he created it. He shut down the government over a vanity project and has created massive division in this country. And no, he cannot stand still. He was wiggling around at Arlington like a 5yo who needs to go potty. Not exactly sure why you are even trying to convert anyone away from trump … you are obviously so educated that you cannot understand him for his base… it’s called out of touch… you believe, like CNN, that if you say it,, everyone will believe you… sorry,,, I’m just an ignorant American I guess… and might add.. I am a Democrat.. but will never Vote for Biden, was embarrassed by our choice of Hillary,,,, I’ll admit it.. I am no ones puppet… Oh that’s right… he’s the virus… I forgot… But I remember why I’ll never vote democratic ticket again… because I wont be a fool like you..

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