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Please help me understand: We are a family of 7, 3 kids in college ages 18 and 20, 2 kids in HS ages 16 and 18. We claim them all as dependents. They don’t work or have minimal income. Are the 4 kids completely overlooked when it comes to the stimulus? Mama Saurus Low Top Shoes. Don’t qualify under us and don’t qualify on their own. Let me get this straight , so the furloughed employees will now make more than me who wasn’t furloughed. So they get to be safe at home with their families, and bring in an extra 600 bucks a week, while I have to work and avoid my family. Maybe some hazzard pay for the people keeping the country going would have made more sense.

Mama Saurus Low Top Shoes

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Shoes – Pic 1
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Shoes – Pic 2
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Shoes – Pic 3

How are businesses going to afford to keep employees? Business is down. Business will be down for a long time for travel, hotel, beauty and other services that are not considered crucial to daily life. Our economy was booming and then this set off a bomb. We will not recover by forcing business to keep employees that they can’t afford. It’s ludicrous to think the solution to the possible depression to come is to put businesses out of business by forcing them to retain unneeded worker to suck the business dry through payroll. Mama Saurus Low Top Shoes. The stimulus plan would have been better served to offer self employed and small (and all) businesses working capital to pay their bills and stay afloat, so when this ends, we can all prosper because millions of businesses didn’t fold.

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