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By several measures, middle-class Americans’ incomes have risen more slowly under Trump than during President Obama’s final years. Mamba Mentality Canvas Prints. Not only is the wealth gap between the rich and the poor the largest.

Mamba Mentality Canvas Prints

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Canvas Prints – Medium
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Since the Census started tracking it more than a half century ago, but many in the middle class are simply struggling to stay afloat. After adjusting for inflation, the nation’s median household income is roughly the same as it was 20 years ago. Many people are worse off. The average worker is struggling to make ends, with 59% of U.S. adults saying they live paycheck to paycheck, according to a recent survey from Charles Schwab. Mamba Mentality Canvas Prints. And nearly half have credit card debt and struggle to keep up with the payments. From USA Today Network. The real point is that the large majority of Americans are barely making ends meet and cannot afford to open a solo 401k or an IRA. The situation of the majority is far different from yours and that is one clue as to why you support Trump. His failure to help minorities and the working poor as well as many of the shrinking middle class do not affect YOU personally. If you would come to the Rose Bowl or the Colosseum I guarantee you it would be the greatest tailgate in the history of anything. They would be filled with another 100k outside. I know CA is an utterly lost cause, but you could support George Papadopolous among other things. How many of those farms were shuttered due to only economic reasons? How many closed because of regulations under Obama? Many farmers make more money running wind farms than growing crops.

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