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Mr. President, honestly speaking after “8 years in power” I’d have expected not this “american tragedy”. Wall Street has been very bully… meanwhile Main Street… that’s your blame, and our greatest regret, in my opinion.. Gaza has won, but there are still 28 Jerusalemite families in the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood threatening to be deported from their homes. Map of the MASH 4077th poster #freepalestine #Palestine. I think thats not racism. Im not from America. But i think the only problem is there that you can buy a gun without a license. In or state you need to make tests for it. Psychology test too. And we got few crimes with guns. So the police is not so violent. At america everybody can have a gun. So the police must me more agresive. And you dont know if that person is on something. Some drugs. Its sad that so many lifes are wasted.. It’s a tragedy, we are still living in a racists world, Almighty God has created all, we all should respect humanity.

Map of the MASH 4077th poster

Call your boy Biden in White House and tell him to sign an executive order to end qualified immunity. Y’all had 8 years with both to show for. A day that should be memorialized and the rebirth of a movement honored.. He always keeps my attention when he speaks . I am in Africa but my heart .   Map of the MASH 4077th poster · Follow Your country has devolved into a toy since you left the White House. Respect was lost, the Capitol was mocked, diplomacy was weakened, the unemployed grew in number, rudeness grew, and so on.. I saw a man at my granddaughter’s high school graduation that looked just like you. Same swag same moves same build same grace. It was amazing. So when he was President what did he do about the BLACK ON BLACK MASSACRES in his hometown CHICAGO?. Thanks for continuing to be a great leader. Greatly appreciated,but what about the247 innocent people who were killed by Israel in Gaza.don’t they deserve any sympathy.

Map of the MASH 4077th poster

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