March Girl Yoga Namaste Blanket

Limited edition, available in a few days, full color and more style. March Girl Yoga Namaste Blanket . Order now before lose it forever.

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I had Mitch McConnell (and his wife Elaine Chao) on a list of legislators who have been co-opted by the Chinese government. After this horrendous betrayal of President Trump, I now place him in second position as a co-conspirator, after Cho Biden, followed by Nancy Pelosi, Diane Feinstein, Eric Swalwell, and others. With friends like Mitch, Donald Trump surely does not need any enemies. What he did was not merely an attempt to appease the corrupt democratic party and the Biden administration, but he gave succor to our enemies, and attempted to demean President Trump, should he decide to run again in 2024. I say to the 75 million citizens of this great democracy who voted for Trump, don’t stop the verbal fight to persuade the black community that they have been duped by these corrupt leftists representatives, who are self serving elitists, who care nothing about their well being. They hold the key to the survival of the country. #Two terms and out. March Girl Yoga Namaste Blanket

March Girl Yoga Namaste Blanket

March Girl Yoga Namaste Blanket 1
March Girl Yoga Namaste Blanket 3
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James GarrisonOh, NOOOOW they mad. What’s the political move behind this?3 . Lucia Fiorini ParisPraise God. The truth shall set us free. I just wish it could bring those elderly people back. Just remember vengeance is not ours, only God’s. He will prevail in the truth.1 . Top FanDewane HalePATRIOTS all across our AMERICA are organizing. . Marie RomantiniNow their like sharks in a feeding frenzy. He does deserve to be eaten up and spit out.1 . Linda SmithHe’s got to pay the price…… . Diane Burnett-DennisSounds like they’ve turned on cuomo….distancing. 10 . Leah ThornleyThat was quick. I thought this would go the way of Chappaquiddick, Bengazi, private server for classified info. Interesting . Ila DavisHope this wipes that smirk off his face….3 . Trudy VaughnThat’s unusual for the libs. How many of them want to run for governor or is supporting someone who will? . Linda Renfrew-PouliotWhat about the governor of Michigan? . Marie MarcelloLock him up,he is not above the law! Killed Seniors!   March Girl Yoga Namaste Blanket

March Girl Yoga Namaste Blanket

Better known as listen to what I say and don’t look at what I do.. Stella Patchouli. My question is “WHY CAN”T WE STOP THEM????”. NY state has lost 315k plus people since 2015 to 2019. I guess they love the state so much they leave. The main reason is dipsticks like Coumo and DeBlasio.. Yes, Tammy. Right on. Low down degenerate. I wish someone would list how many LEFISTS we have found in the gutter just in the past 30 years. Start with Bill C.. Absolutely right Tammy! Thank you for the truth, because the fake news/media does not know what the truth is. Keep up the great work you are doing!. He had the ship Tammy, and the tent center and didn’t use it.. He had theJavitz Center and the ship Trump sent…Never used because trump did it…. Immoral?
How about criminal?. You are so right on point !

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