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A Republican controlled congress several years ago passed a bill that made the USPS fund the employees retirement 75 years in advance. Maryland for trump flag. This was done purposely so it would go bankrupt and would have to be privatized. That way the one percent could profit . There isn’t a business in the country that could do this and stay afloat.

Maryland for trump flag

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Definitely needs to see some carefully considered change though and not be allowed to take the money and continue entirely as-is….while they have been put in an incredibly difficult financial position recently by new(er) legislation (pension mandate), they are not as efficient as they could be bc of choices from the top. Maryland for trump flag. Every agency has places where it can improve, and given drop in mail volume/revenue, efficiency is going to be part of the key to survive. It is important for us to support the strongest postal service that we can in order to keep this vital service I am a big supporter of the post-office…I think it would be horrible to lose them. But to say they have been struggling for so long by doing everything as well as they can is uninformed and not moving them toward a sustainable position. We know this is true of many agencies

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