Masonic Monogram Personalized Metal Sign

Limited edition, available in a few days, full color and more style. Masonic Monogram Personalized Metal Sign. Order now before lose it forever.

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I understand where your going with it, but considering we just found out schools are run by socialist, why would anyone want to send there kids to any college/university. We need to clear out the negative first.. And they should be “relieved” , of their endowments. According to the great BHO, “you didn’t earn that” and “we need to spread it around”… Harvard = 41 BILLION DOLLARS, Yale = 35 BILLION DOLLARS, Stanford = 25 BILLION DOLLARS.. No matter what your beliefs are, Tucker raises some very interesting issues and makes some great points! That is if you have an open mind…. Great report great observation and it just shows they are not being honest in what they are doing.. The big problem with that is that the NUMBER ONE reason to go to an Ivy League school is networking. My Degree in Analytical Geography from University of Louisville in Kentucky gave me a greater understanding of how the World works than any Ivy League… See More Masonic Monogram Personalized Metal Sign

Masonic Monogram Personalized Metal Sign

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Not hard,when Clinton was president and they signed the trade act and big companies moved their companies out of the country to save on cheap labor,people who’s parents and grandparents worked for these companies were out of a good paying jobs and thei… See More. Yes liberal wealthy elitists are great at telling everyone else what they should do but never practice it themselves.. I’ve watched many interesting segments on Tucker’s show…. but this piece tonight was explained in such simplicity, revealing the true hypocrisy in all this “unity” “equality” and “diversity” speech the liberals keep shoving down our throats. They real… See More. The founding mission statement at Harvard university in 1643:. Unbelievable brilliance in discussing an issue that most of us have never even thought about before.. Funny. Next…lawyers can’t be politicians. True, but the Democrats run everything so it won’t ever happen like that. Republicans need to fight harder at getting things done instead of just talking about it. Actions speak louder than words. Masonic Monogram Personalized Metal Sign

Masonic Monogram Personalized Metal Sign

Harvard has a $134B endowment. Yet they are subsidized by the federal taxpayer. Why? This has been going on for decades. Spend your own money to fund your own ideology. You and the other Ivy Leaguers. This is what happens when Godless people prosper and become in charge of a nation simply because they are rich!. Why hasn’t the whole white priveledge thing landed on the doorstep of these snots in these universities who are preaching it and not on the working man? Hmmmm. Fine. We need more trade school grads than we do University grads that end up working at Starbucks, or Planned Parenthood.. And from those endowments, pay the student debt for all the students they defrauded.. Singapore can do the same- scholarships should not be given to kids from rich families or politically connected families. Ticker, you are completely correct on universities being to blame for the social change. Especially sociology and, even more so, anthropology departments where fanatic progressives, who consider themselves infallible, brainwash students with their poli… See More

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