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Starting wages are not as high as they used to be which means it is harder to attract workers. Massachusetts for trump flag. When you do get employees, they are not as high quality as they used to be. But this too points back to the prefunding issue since USPS revenue loss is used to justify lower wages. Plus take away that prefunding mandate and the USPS is profitable.

Massachusetts for trump flag

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Sorry, but it is mostly an issue with tRump and the election. He does not want vote by mail because then it can’t be messed with. Not by China or Russia or tRump and his Thugs!!! He will loose re-election if a credible election takes place. Without voter suppression and or other influences. Massachusetts for trump flag. My friends/family who work in the USPS are really impressed by their co-workers “on the ground”…but yes, that certainly may not be universal. To add to your points, the training is a cost too, so yes, I imagine training and losing people is certainly a problem if that is happening somewhere repeatedly…unfortunately, our office lost an amazing part-time worker b/c he couldn’t get time off to spend with his family due to the required overtime. The mandate is a major issue….I am definitely not saying that it isn’t

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