Math i think i am face mask

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Russell Godwin I dont think people are really offended. Math i think i am face mask. I think I saw somewhere that this was being planned for about a year now to remove it.

Math i think i am face mask

Math i think i am face mask - pic 1
face mask – pic 1

Perhaps Disney is doing a revamp of what they promote and push. And the fact that most people, especially kids now, have no idea what the cartoon is means that it’s time to upgrade to something kids now can relate to. I think it’s more about their audience and less about people being offended. I don’t have any specific objection to Disney doing what ever they want with their rides. It’s the absurd direction we seem to be going in lately, that bothers me. Math i think i am face mask. L’Oreal just announced they will be removing terms like “whitening” and “lightening” from its skin care products! Smh in amazement ! Russell Godwin were they selling skinning whitening cream? Why would those words be used in the 1st place? You got me there. I know almost nothing about cosmetics but apparently some people must want to lighten their skin for whatever reason. I really don’t see how it is a problem. We sell products to cause people’s skin to tan and darken. It’s all nuts to me! And he lived here in Connecticut for some time. I heard him sing in the 1970s. Spectacular. I mean it’s a problem cuz it can cause skin cancer when people mess with the colour of their skin. I personally dont see why people want to darken their skin but I know where I come from (Jamaica) people lighten their skin becuz they feel as though they arent beautiful/handsome unless they have lighter skin. It’s a form of self hate. And maybe it’s that for people who wanna darken their skin as well. I just think people should love the skin they were born with and they shouldn’t have to feel the need to change the colour of their skin.

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