Maybe Next Year Since 1957 shirt, sweatshirt

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I am gonna reply to myself and just say wtf some of you guys are nuts ? Maybe Next Year Since 1957. Gone are the days where pot is considered taboo and illegal – wake the up !

Maybe Next Year Since 1957

Maybe Next Year Since 1957 sweatshirt
Maybe Next Year Since 1957 lady shirt
lady shirt
Maybe Next Year Since 1957 hooded sweatshirt
hooded sweatshirt

There are dispensaries and this “stuff “ is helping people get off opiates and not be in pain . Some of y’all need to get educated . Ok Mic drop in out! Aaron McKiernan well if you’re using it to help spelling and grammar I think you’re looking at the wrong product. You probably had an inferior product, esp if purchased offline, not from a dispensary, and if it’s not full spectrum. A quality CBD oil should be a minimum 50mg CBD per DROP. I can definitely hold my own in this comment section and I will rip all of you to shreds with my words . Keep the hits coming I am a CNN comment master haha. I’m used to them ripping me apart . Maybe Next Year Since 1957. I’m a regular you’ve got to get think skin on here ! Jo Wells, thank you for speaking up. I have terminal cancer and all they wanted to give me were opiates. Probably thinking, well, she’s going to die anyway, so who cares if she becomes addicted. I’m due to see a pain management doctor for medical marijuana next month. I’m 64, have 3 grandchildren, and worked full time up until last month. I’m not some drug seeking loser. It’s time to legalize it for everyone. I know the opiate road all to well my friend . I have chronic pain . It’s severe and I am an advocate people need to speak up !

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