Mc1e only for the chosen ones face mask

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New York flattened the curve by being proactive and wearing masks and staying home. Mc1e only for the chosen ones face mask. We are at a minimal and reopening our state while Florida and other are skyrocketing..

Mc1e only for the chosen ones face mask

Mc1e only for the chosen ones face mask- pic 1
face mask- pic 1

New York had a high number of cases because of the amount of international travel into our airports from countries already infected with Coronavirus. Florida’s cases are high due to ignorant residents who refuse to wear masks and stay home because the beaches and bars are more important than living. Mc1e only for the chosen ones face mask. Don’t hate on New York and don’t be mad our Governor is amazing and managed the situation appropriately. Andrew Cuomo lead to tons of deaths by throwing covid-19 patients in nursing homes and when this virus broke out he told people to go to bars that’s your elected officials Bill de Blasio and Andrew Cuomo. Didn’t Bill de Blasio encourage people to go out to bars after Donald Trump was shutting down all flights to China. Jesse Cabezas and thank God we have them and not Desantis! Thank God New Yorkers put everyone’s well being above all else and worked together to flatten our curve. And Florida is doing what 9000 new cases in a day? sounds like you should stop being concerned with our elected officials and our success as a state and worry about getting Covid 19. Didn’t DeSantis and Trump and Fox News and Republicans say this is all a Hoax? It’ll go away? It’ll simply disappear? It’s not that serious? And my personal fav…..Trump has it under control.

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