Memphis Grizzlies NBA face mask

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The same reason the Republican governors allowed Confederate flags to be removed. No spines. Memphis Grizzlies NBA face mask. They are like children, the more you give in the more they try to take advantage of a situation. Ellen Ridge Barnes They’ve talked about eliminating Columbus Day as a federal holiday and having Juneteenth instead. I propose getting eliminating MLK Day instead. That way Juneteenth can celebrate MLK AND the true end of slavery on the same day. Won’t happen tho. Nope, way too practical.

Memphis Grizzlies NBA face mask

Memphis Grizzlies NBA face mask - detail
face mask – detail

Nothing makes me laugh harder than the near brain dead assertion that honoring the disreputable leaders of the anti-American Confederacy represents Prideful Southern history. The South was around since the beginning while the Confederacy lasted only five years and marked one of the darkest chapters in our history! Memphis Grizzlies NBA face mask. The war had been over for decades and Jim Crow laws had taken root in the still hateful South when people decided to erect these statues you all are so proud of, not to honor the combatants, but to intimidate black folks from reaching equality. If the monuments really were intended to celebrate the courage and brilliance of Confederate leaders, why weren’t they erected within a few years of the end of the war

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