Mercedes-Benz cloth mask

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Trump is the worst president ever. No one wants to hear a toddler in the White House screaming “wain wain wain”, “fake news…wain wain wain”. Enough with the jokes. Vote for Joe Biden end this nonsense We must have push for courses in high school that will give students hope for future. Mercedes-Benz cloth mask. Courses in welding, electrical, plumbing , machining. Courses in finance- explain credit, debt, budgeting, banking. How to read a credit report, taxes. This is needed for a student to be able to become an adult with a job that pays the bills. Not everyone wants to go to college.

Mercedes-Benz cloth mask

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mask – detail

Clicked on the link as I am all for women, minorities and small business! Yet I paused when the page opened. The headline’s font may be a favorite of someone, yet the chunky letters in bold without proper spacing between words will make it difficult for many to read. It was not the best choice, in my opinion. Mercedes-Benz cloth mask. Bro we just want you to focus on everyone equally. Looking away from one group to focus on another is what is got us into this mess in the first place. Change does not come from electing “politicians” who have been in office a lifetime. Change comes from electing CITIZENS who do what’s best for the people. A vote for Biden is a vote to continue down the path we have been on for decades.

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