Mermaid get naked bathroom poster

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Remove Donald Trump before he further damages our Democracy. ASAP. Trump is unhinged and a true danger to the world. The 25th amendment must be enacted, now.. Either immediately start impeachment proceedings or invoke the 25th Amendment. This insurrection will not stand.. Aren’t you gone yet?. The entire GOP was complicit. They unleashed his evil unrestrained when they refused to hear evidence and cleared his impeachment. Every last one of them is culpable of complicity. Every last one of them, except Romney and others not in office, has … See More. Impeach him, or demand the 25th amendment be invoked.. He’s not going to stop. He needs to be charged with sedition. It can be done the minute he leaves the white house. There must be consequences.. He needs to be held accountable for SEDITION. Resign. You enabled the Republicans during the Comey Barrett hearings. We know you’re in mental decline. It’s time to do the right thing and leave Congress for someone capable of representing their district. Mermaid get naked bathroom poster

Mermaid get naked bathroom poster

Mermaid get naked bathroom poster 1
Mermaid get naked bathroom poster 1
Mermaid get naked bathroom poster 3
Mermaid get naked bathroom poster 2

Time to act. Trump needs to be removed now, whether by impeachment/removal or the 25th Amendment. He’s a clear and present danger to our nation and our democracy.. Feinstein its time for you to resign and retire.. So pathetic where was all this movement during citys being destroyed and burned. Two faced politicians.. Feinstein you and your constituents orchestrated a masterful plan for this action to happen to President Trump. Hope selling your sole to the devil for money make you sleep good at night. Our freedom and country will never be the same. Thanks selling u… See More. Senator, you should be calling for the 25th Amendment to be invoked.. He’s not fit to hold office a day longer.. He needs to be removed from office!. Please invoke the 25th amendment and ensure that those who stormed the Capital in a coup attempt at prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law! Mermaid get naked bathroom poster

Mermaid get naked bathroom poster

And the left is responsible for the previous 8 months of riots, looting, fire bombing, assults on police and anarchy we have witnessed. I dont condone violence but if you are keeping score. that’s 248 days for the left, one day for the right.. Invoke the 25th Amendment and remove him from the presidency now! He’s not going to change his rhetoric. He has proven himself guilty today for the world to see.. Congress must immediately impeach and remove Trump. He will only get worse! GET HIM OUT NOW!. I’m thankful you and your colleagues are not hurt. And I urge you to tell your Republican colleagues beginning with O’Connell to stop enabling him and find a way to remove him immediately. They enabled him to come to this disaster. They were warned by … See More. I reiterate the request to invoke the 25th Amendment and remove Trump ASAP. He is obviously too impaired to continue being President.

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