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Any one of these gaffes in isolation would be nothing more than that. Metallica 3D Short. But taken together they form a pattern – and raise questions about whether Biden has experienced a cognitive decline. Biden’s defenders say this is unfair, and some have even suggested raising it is ageism. No, it’s not. His socialist rival, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) is 78, almost a year older than Biden, yet no one is questioning his mental fitness.

Metallica 3D Short

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On Monday night, Sanders spent an hour at a Fox News town hall where he was challenged to defend his policies and answered in great detail and without any gaffes or senior moments. Could Biden do the same Many of President Trump’s critics have suggested that he suffers from cognitive impairment. Metallica 3D ShortWell, in 2018, Trump took a test designed to screen for dementia the Montreal Cognitive Assessment and the White House physician reported he received a perfect score. Will Biden submit to the same test? I would like to see Biden form a task force outside of government to centralize communications and spread awareness and much needed information and equipment. Yeah trump thinks 131 thousand people isn’t nothing it’s all of Westerville’s Ohio New Albany Ohio all of Hilliard Ohio and all of Dublin ! It’s like all them people just died ! 131 thousand people and he thinks that’s good

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