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Ben PowerFriggin’ NRA and gun manufacturers that put money way over the value of human life! We have training, licensing, screening, testing, rules of the road, and police monitoring of drivers and their cars. We should do AT LEAST the same for gun owners a… See More2 . Indra RamkissoonAlmost everyday a mass shooting takes place in the USA. Its like the USA has its own terrorists. So sorry for those families2 . Liane Picarella MinsterThe gun violence is worse in liberal cities and states that already have strict gun control. Stop asking Congress to take measures to disarm law abiding citizens and prevent us from protecting ourselves and loved ones!2 . Jennie WiggintonThank you for acknowledging these horrific events and actually working on ways to help these situations get better in the future. Nice to know there is an administration that actually cares about people. 1 . Alice SmalleyGuns are not evil, they also do not shoot by themselves. For a gun to be fired, there has to be an evil person on the end of it.2  Mexican Roosters Round Circle Rug

Mexican Roosters Round Circle Rug

Art-Marie TrudellSadly as usual it’s blamed on guns not the wacko, sadly to many states and cities are allowing the violence, sadly this has started way before Trump that wackos aren’t responsible, know everyone is busy, check out the increase in crime some states and … See More2 . Susan KnechtlNo amount of gun laws will stop the crazy people from killing, they will get a gun legally or illegally. Work on the mental health part of this2 . Michele ArgonOne word. Filibuster. Enough with the lazy, do nothing Republicans who only care about controlling WOMEN’S bodies. Shut them down once and for all and let’s end this senselessness. 3 . Dc O’brienDemand that like cars, guns and gun-owners be insured. This way, all guns and all the owners will be held responsible for any misuse, mishandling, abuse of the weapons and those who are injured by gun owners will be assuaged at least financially. Leave… See More3  Mexican Roosters Round Circle Rug

Mexican Roosters Round Circle Rug

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