Mexico Combo T-shirt and Short 3D All Over Printed



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We should not want bipartisanship when the other side of the aisle is fascist.. Zane Barta that’s exactly why Republicans haven’t been able to reach across the aisle.. Zane Barta: You mean the Democrats are Fascist? They certainly don’t know what bipartisanship means.. James Richard Tyrer Two wings, same bird, sadly the “woke liberals” can’t see that they’re more fascist than conservatives. James Richard Tyrer They are all fascists, and have been lying forty years. Clinton wasn’t bad, balanced the budget, then Bush Jr. took the national debt to permanent bankruptcy. It’s now 3 times permanent bankruptcy. They are just not telling the public until the entire country collapses. Inflation will be unbelieveable. Many will die, all because of government and corporate theft and lies.. James Richard Tyrer I don’t think you know what the term Fascist means. Mexico Combo T-shirt and Short 3D All Over Printed EN.M.WIKIPEDIA.ORG Fascism – Wikipedia. Right.. Woke liberals didn’t crash the Capitol and smear their feces on the walls and prance around inside destroying other people’s property in a seditious attempt to subvert the lawful transfer of power and then, to this day try every trick they could think of to sow misinformation and cast doubt on a lawfully conducted election. You know, like what is going on in Arizona, a state where Republicans certified the results. So that’s what I mean by fascist in case you might be confused about what that actually means.

Mexico Combo T-shirt and Short 3D All Over Printed

Top FanHilary NicholsJust make it a little sexier!! The highest tax payer proud of their gold plated receipt! Let that be their greatest sense of achievement and status. 7 . David B. SmithWait…so you’re not just proposing taxing those you consider wealthy. You’re actually proposing taxing their FAMILIES? Where exactly does that stop? And by the way, Bernie…you’re wealthy, too.11 . David CannonPuppies are nice.24 . Kaury StoutElon Musk gets more of a pass in my opinion because his money goes towards making Earth a better place, now these other guys kind of just hoard their wealth. 13 . David Allen HinesHow about we don’t punish success and make government much much smaller and reduce taxes for everyone and help everyone that way. 26 . Adam SelverAnd they’d still be filthy stinking rich. Why do Republicans insist working poor people hold this country up?7 . Michael DavisThese billionaires aren’t privately funding space programs, their unpaid tax dollars are. Then they hugely profit from tax payer dollars by charging the government for the use of their rockets.13  Mexico Combo T-shirt and Short 3D All Over Printed

Mexico Combo T-shirt and Short 3D All Over Printed

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