Miami Dolphins 3d face mask

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We can not in good conscience vote for a man who supports the accumulation of wealth through human suffering. Miami Dolphins 3d face mask. No more should we accept a man who supports profiting off of human suffering. Bernie, I urge you to press Biden to appropriately address Reade’s allegations. so many will avoid voting if they believe that the Dems are willing to sweep these issues under the rug. Do you really think Biden and the DNC want to really change any of this? Why won’t they back your presidency? I don’t trust the DNC. Aren’t they part of the problem with this oligarchy

Miami Dolphins 3d face mask

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face mask – detail

He won’t though because he had to say he would support the Dem nomination if he wanted to run. I’m all for Nina Turner to go take over the green/independent party though and start a new one. I will vote for Biden if he commits to Bernie’s medicare for all plan and if he agrees to getting rid of student debt. Miami Dolphins 3d face mask. Anything short of that, I’m staying home and not voting. My point is that everyone needs to band together and demand certain things if Biden wants the Bernie voters. Thank you for spending your time helping us Bernie. You are a moral exemplar. Your compassion fuels the movement. You gaslighting us trough out these primaries. Do not shames us for not supporting a candidate who will never adopt any of the policies you championed.

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