Miami Heat NBA Hawaiian Shirt

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للأسف بعد صعود غير مسبوق ل قضية حي الشيخ جراح على مواقع التواصل الآن يقل هذا التفاعل بعد ان حلت هاشتاغات جديدة مكان السابقة ولهذا يرجى منكم التركيز على هذه الهاشتاغات فقط Miami Heat NBA Hawaiian Shirt همتكم ‏#GazaUnderAttack. We did pray, Mike. We prayed that you would do right by the American people, but you didn’t. You cowered to the Left.. You are the establishment, sir. You don’t have conservative values anymore nor do you represent we the people. Not a single patriot has any respect for anything you are trying to say at this point.. Sorry Mike, I prayed you would stand up and do the right thing. You let this country down and seeing what we are going through right now is all on you.. Thank you Mike for speaking up for the MAJORITY of Americans who still believe in prayer on this national day of prayer.. Judas! You sir are a traitor to this country! Who cares what you have to say about ANYTHING!

Miami Heat NBA Hawaiian Shirt

Peggy Baer -Amen!. Peggy Baer bull. Peggy Baer I wish he would’ve been that man of honor and virtue on January 6! He did not do the right thing, he let our country down! He has no back bone, what’s going on right now with our country , He is partly To blame. Peggy Baer and then said nothing…you spoke the truth…left him high and dry… Could have made same decision but then did not speak at all having a very unique position as VP but said nothing…. Peggy Baer Not … he had the power to save our nation but he sold out th the Demoncrats . Peggy Baer I don’t think any self respecting Republican will vote for Pence. He is a RINO,. Peggy Baer when your head is up your BUTT, can you still BLINK your eyes? Asking for a friend…. Peggy Baer he could have refused the electorals from a few states that were questionable and it could have saved America, yet he didn’t. (Now I heard both that he really COULDN’T HAVE refused them and the other being that yes, he COULD HAVE, so honest… See More Miami Heat NBA Hawaiian Shirt

Miami Heat NBA Hawaiian Shirt

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