Michael jackson face mask

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And now people want to deflect from the Crime and bring everything and the kitchen sink to the talking table. Michael jackson face mask. No, sir.

Michael jackson face mask

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mask- pic 1

This is about Police Brutality and their mindset that they can take a life with No Consequence, completely disregarding their own oath to Respect the Law. That means they take a criminal to be judged before his Peers, not officer Privilege who gets away with murder on video. That is the issue here, not people killing people. Officers face No Consequence when they take lives. Until recently with the advent of social media. Now we can ask for justice, but often it is still unattainable. Your utter ignorance has been handed down through untruthful textbooks and stories. Michael jackson face mask. Maybe read another history book that actually tells the truth. This land was stolen. Even land that was promised was eventually stolen through allotment acts and sold to white settlers. Your version of history is despicable and ignorant. let’s look at something interesting. We asked for officers to Finally be held accountable for their actions and it took almost a week for arrests and charges to be filed. Then, all of a sudden, six Atlanta officers are charged for excessive force and five of them are black. What does that mean when officers have been using excessive force since the protests have started and white officers have even been arresting black journalists, but Five Charged officers are black. It’s funny that minorities are always offered up as sacrifice for a cause.

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