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The economy is improving nicely, and unemployment is at almost unheard of lows. However, with our current governor, that will probably all change, especially if she gets her way , and is able to add the extra gas tax to every gallon of gas, which will bring our gas prices up to near California levels. Michigan For Trump Flag. The Northern half of the state is very pleasant, and for the most part, quite safe, with lower than average crime, and the farther north you go, the less crime you will find. Plus, being surrounded by the great lakes makes the summers bearable, especially since we don’t have to worry about sharks in the water, like the coast states do. The main drawback, is the winters here. In some recent weather polls, Michigan was ranked as being in the top 3 states in the country for winter weather. Even worse than Alaska, apparently. The roads get icy and snowed shut.

Michigan For Trump Flag

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If you like winter, it is pretty decent. Although recreational marijuana was just legalized in January, so most people won’t mind the cold, because they will be too stoned to notice. There’s lots of festivals and whatnot, and even though tourism is still a big draw for the Northern half of the state, there are better jobs moving in, like manufacturing (aerospace, tubing, auto, etc) and during the summers? Many of the local town populations swell from about 3000 people, to up to 75,000. Michigan For Trump Flag. The summers are busy, and exciting, the winters are frakin’ crappy. The job opportunities are growing-in fact, around here, we don’t even have enough people for all the jobs available. Not even close. The temp agencies are getting desperate. The crime rate…Michigan is the 14th safest state in the country, and if we decided to dump Detroit, Lansing, and Flint into Lake Michigan, we’d be in the top 7. The cost of living is sadly, not the best. Between taxes, and the cost of renting shooting up by an average of about $150 per month in the last couple years, it has gotten worse, but most of the jobs pay over $10 per hour. Minimum wage is supposed to be $12/hour by 2022. We also have some of the fastest growing cities in the country, like Traverse City. Land is still fairly reasonably priced. Of the 43 states I’ve lived in, or visited, I’d probably rank Michigan as the 4th best. If the winters weren’t so bad, and didn’t last half the year? It would be number 2. A lot of food is grown here. Potatoes, cherries, strawberries, and apples. Especially around Traverse City. In the center of the state, and in the north, there is still lots of farmland, and the police here don’t randomly shoot people or dogs. That’s a plus. Unfortunately, there isn’t a lot for younger kids to do in the northern area, from about Grayling, north. No clubs, or big malls (except in Traverse City) but there is still plenty of shopping. The summers are generally very nice, although they have been getting cooler over the last 5 years or so, with fewer days of over 100 degree weather. Plus, with being so close to Canada, we get to bitch about all the Canadian coins we get, that won’t go in the gosh darn vending machines. That gets a little annoying. Especially nickels and quarters. Don’t they have any other coins in Canada

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