Mickey and minnie quarantined shirt and hoodie

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I don’t trust what cdc director dr robert redfield says. He messed up the initial covid-19 testing. Mickey and minnie quarantined. And now he says we can all go back to work without quick 15 minute testing.

Mickey and minnie quarantined

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Mickey and minnie quarantined hoodie

He is obviously speaking with other motivations instead of true science. Mickey and minnie quarantined. Answer questions about small business relief. I will literally protest with this virus if there’s no help. You ask us to stay home so the government better cover us. Hi Andersen and Dr Gupta. Absolutley love you both! I’M a physician wondering why Dr Redfield was addressing hydrochloroquine as hydroxyurea? They both have different mechanisms of action and are used for different purposes? Are they both being considered as possibly effective in treating or preventing COVID 19. Thanks so much xoxo. I was wondering the same thing. I think he was just calling HCQ by the wrong name. Over and over. Btw, I did look up hydroxyurea and COVID 19 and came up with nothing. And the context of the discussion makes me believe he was calling it by wrong name. Unbelievable. and they missed the entire point of the question, which was if there will be an adequate supply for those of us who already take HCQ for other conditions. I have two questions, please. If I’ve been home for two weeks. why do I have to keep washing my hands? Also, I have Stage 3 CKD and have been septic in the past. Can this virus cause sepsis? How will we know it’s safe enough to go back to work? We will worry about traveling on the subway, going into nyc, and returning home to our loved ones. We don’t want to bring anything home to our family.

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