Miller high life hawaiian shirt

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I know the United States may cease to exist by November that my vote ultimately did not count, but I voted for you because you truly are supporting the revolution in progress and you’ve always tried to make America better. Miller high life hawaiian shirt. He had a way to reach millions of energetic people who saw hope in electoralism for the first time in their lives, and he folded because fucking Jeff Weaver and Faiz Shakir told him to.

Miller high life hawaiian shirt

Miller high life hawaiian shirt - detail
shirt – detail

It’s the primary today and a total waste of time and tax payer money but I guess cast your vote to maybe feel like you have a say even though you really don’t. It’s time to let the corporate owned reds and blues conduct and pay for these private elections themselves. Extremely disappointing that a state Bernie won against shillary in 16 went solidly for Biden. Miller high life hawaiian shirt. 58k to 250k. I see so many comments from people saying “why vote for him? He dropped out.” Absolutely do not understand why Bernie suspended his campaign. He lost so many votes because most people assume it’s over. Our political system is broken. There is no reforming the dems. Only hope for people to have a say in future elections is to vote green. Trump is garbage and so is Biden. We’re screwed, again.

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