Mimi Claus Christmas shirt, hooded sweatshirt, v-neck

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Vickie Jones kept his promises? didn’t he promise mexico would pay for the wall? Mimi Claus Christmas. Then had to divert funds for 127 programs, some for veterans, to continue small patches of construction and repairing already existing sections? Jake Snyder LOL I can not believe anyone with a 3rd grade education thought that he meant Mexico was going to write a check for the wall, You can not fix stupid.

Mimi Claus Christmas shirt

Mimi Claus Christmas v-neck
Mimi Claus Christmas sweatshirt
Mimi Claus Christmas hooded sweatshirt

Jake Snyder He said Mexico would help pay for the wall . A wall well needed and working just fine . Hundreds of miles done , Mexico has been working by with the U.S. They have turned back people . They now have over 40,000 boarder patrol on their side of the wall . They have deported hundreds back where they came from . The wall ,even the Obama administration wanted . He received funding for it . And the Democratic party was all for it until Trump got into office . Vickie Jones you’re absolutely right. No other president has done so much in such short time. Let me help you by listing a few of the the things he has done. Jake Snyder He said they would pay for it. He did not say how. Mimi Claus Christmas. I do not think anyone would believe he meant for Mexico to right a check for it. If he said this I must have missed it some where. You can refresh my memory if you please. Joaquim Velez Garcia No one is above the law. If he has done the things you have said he should be in jail. But I think you are reciting the media and democrats bs. He is not in jail so I wonder why. Just maybe he did not do what the media claims. You do know that they are very bias.

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