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Minnesota does have long winters. They are brutally cold (far below zero many days of the year) but they also stretch on. The first snow often hits in October and it’s not unheard of to have the last snow in May. It gets old. There are days where everything seems a shade of light gray– sky, streets, fields, everything. Minnesota For Trump Flag. There is just this blinding expanse of nothing and the world seems as if it’s shot in black and white. I chose to move back here because it’s mostly filled with people who care about all of the things that I care about, though — education, the arts, the environment, doing the right thing, working hard and being good to people. There is a reason we’re famous for “Minnesota nice.” Cars really will sit at intersections waiting politely for the other person to go first. If you break down by the side of the road, someone will come along and do whatever it takes to help you. People have anonymously left casseroles on my back porch after I’ve had a baby, townspeople I didn’t even know sent condolence cards after my mother’s death, and people will come plow our driveway just because they drove by and saw nobody had done it yet (then drove off before we could go out and offer them some cash).

Minnesota For Trump Flag

Minnesota For Trump Flag
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The tone in the Twin Cities is very different from most of the state, which is pretty rural and conservative. But the Twin Cities is made up of lots of people who came from those rural communities and those people in the rural communities can also have some more progressive leanings. My church is a UU church in a tiny town of mostly Norwegian farmers, and it’s full of elderly people who speak out about social justice and warmly embrace LGBT members and transgender teens. It’s also wind powered, right smack between the sheep farm and the corn fields. Minnesota For Trump Flag. There are also plenty of traditional conservative people but the tone is just different from when I lived in the south especially. Our food does tend towards bland and people can be reserved. We also dress rather frumpy, don’t tend to care about fashion or the types of cars you drive, and yes, we do sometimes sound like we’re from the set of “Fargo.” Two examples– flag here rhymes with plague and we call it Minn-uh-SOHHHHHH-tuh. There can be surprising ethnic diversity in Minnesota. I live near Walnut Grove (yes, from the Little House books) and there is a large Hmong refugee community here. Almost half of the students in our tiny school system are Hmong. In nearby Worthington, there is a large population of immigrants from Mexico and Ethiopia, among other regions. We also have many Native Americans, who have faced a lot of discrimination in our state and all others. I know many Minnesotans who actively work against this, though. Our family volunteers at the Jeffers Petroglyphs (a Dakota historic/holy site managed by the MN Historic Society) and the staff there involves the local elders in decision making and works very hard at educating the public about Dakota history, for instance. Some parts of the state are far better than others in this regard.

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