Miss ms mrs Dr Mug

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Wowwwww .. women fight to earn that seat by being elected by the people since 1993 and Newsom gives it away to his homie .. smh. No, history will be when you resign, elected officials obey their oath to upholding the Constitution, and a person’s skin tone or ethnicity doesn’t matter, only if they can properly do the job they are tasked with.. You two are political bed pals ushering in hypocrisy at its finest.. Congratulations! Very exciting for California ¡Sí se puede!. Hey, how about that William Bratton hire in Los Angeles? Stop and Frisk? Broken Windows?? That’s what you stand for Alex?. Beautiful–this is what we need, this kind of compassion and heart in the Senate . Failure. CA selected Bernie Sanders in the primaries. They deserved a progressive Senator to replace Kamala Harris.. Excellent choice!. The best way he can serve CA is to stay out of your pocket, Governor Nomask NotclosingMYbusiness Nuisance. Miss ms mrs Dr Mug

Miss ms mrs Dr Mug

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Scotty NovaDr. Shirley Weber is a genuine progressive and amazing human. That said, there will now be zero black women in the US Senate.15 . America FigueroaBesides opening the door for the corruption of our children through the obscene AB329 & AB2601 legislation what else has she done? She will go down in history as a corrupt legislator who pressed against parental rights. Shame on you Newsom and shame on… See More61 . Danny AvilaShe’ll be horrible for this state, as if we needed help sinking the ship. 27 . Bonnie LyonWe love our state and never want to live anywhere else!! 141 . Gina GoldGreat. But unless she’s delivered babies. Just kidding!1 . Ricky Lopez”Congress gave tax breaks to industry and special interests in massive stimulus bill – The Washington Post” into Congress’s massive stimulus bill: Tens of billions in special-interest tax giveawaysTucked into Congress’s massive stimulus bill: Tens of billions in special-interest tax giveaways7  Miss ms mrs Dr Mug

Miss ms mrs Dr Mug

Eric WoodWhat does any woman bring to the table, that she isn’t bringing twice as much of?4 . Sheila McGrathRight on, Dr. Weber!14 . Chris NguyenThat was fast!1 . Richard GrameWeber what are your civil accomplishments ?1 . Lorrie LewisThey are…. Oracle… HP…and Tesla. All those jobs moving to TX, which means CA especially the Bay Area economy is going in the tank. All thanks to newsom and his illegal decisions!1 . Sheila Foster EbertBidon and all his picks will never see DC….he is going to jail….2 . Diane GravanceThat’s the plan . Shawn JohnsonWhat are some of the good things Gavin Newsom has done for the state? I just moved here. 40 . Mark LawsonYou’re killing us Newsom !!16 . Jon SchemelGlad to see you are appointing some one the polar opposite of you…now does she enjoy expensive food while the state is locked down???14 . Pam CuneoThis is going to be a joke! They are setting up America to fall including California!!!!38

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