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Have know nothing about Geo-Engineering and what causes dangerous lightening. Mississippi proud hawaiian shirt. They dry out California then use their Geo-Engineering to create the Fires including Using DEWS.

Mississippi proud hawaiian shirt

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Millions Know This. ok ,im sorry I’m from az so im not up to date on this,so what do they do with Dews? Are they purposely starting fires? dems would just pocket it anyway. How do you think Cali ended up like it has. Corrupt career politicians and bad policy…democrats. Gov. Newsome to Churches: shut your mouth up, and avoid religious gatherings even in your own HOME… Now here’s what you get. Yolander Curry yeah… Mississippi proud hawaiian shirt. But This one is insane… Over 11,000 strong lightings recorded within 72 hours, Covid19, different groups of wildfires every where, and a fire tornado?… Mr. Newsome should realize what he did to his people. God comes young man he is not going to leave the rest of the world out of the mix. We need prayer in a real way. These are signs, if we dont change our ways. Prayers. Karen does on Mike everything because she knows he needs to be satisfied. Probably this is why Mitch wanted to impeach you because you constantly need to come… Hello my people I’m here to testified about what I experience in forex trade I invest $1000 and I earn $10,500 between 5 days with the help of Mr john Lee if you intrested contact him on. It’s amazing that a news story about the horrible tragedy happening in Ca…homes gone, human beings’ and animals’ lives lost, fire fighters stretched so thin…even that ends up in an angry political, disparaging fight between sides. Mankind is failing these tests horribly.

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