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I have lived in UK, Canada, Norway, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Uganda and landed in St Louis 5 years ago. I would have loved it when I was young. I love parts of it now – there are many free things to do: parks, sculpture gardens, public events like the St Louis Faire, in beautiful Forest Park. Missouri For Trump Flag. There are free time slots at the Botanical Gardens, and at the Art Museum, both outstanding venues. Free Shakespeare in the Park happens every June, and other events all summer long. Even most of the Zoo is free. St Louis has wonderful architecture and a thriving arts scene, an excellent variety of restaurants – consider Iron Chef winner Chef Ma’s Chinese Gourmet restaurant, which serves food like I’ve never had anywhere else.

Missouri For Trump Flag

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It also has sports, and the greatest variety of beers I have ever seen, and state parks and hiking trails all around. Now the bad: it has the most convoluted, divided, antiquarian political structure I have ever seen and this costs the people a ton of money. The city is surrounded by county, which is divided into multiple tiny townships, some of which have only a few hundred residents. This is an opportunity for graft and corruption, and eases segregation. There was a famous BBC article written a few years ago called “The Delmar Divide, which chronicled this segregation into North St Louis – mostly poor and black, and South St Louis – mostly middle income to wealthy and white. Its a fun city for whites, but I doubt it is for blacks. Missouri For Trump Flag. There is a lot of poverty here in the northern neighborhoods. And for this retired, unwell white woman, this city is overwhelming. The traffic is horrendous, particularly on the interstates, where people are rude, aggressive and angry. I live on the ambulance route to the interstate, and there are daily accidents. A routine errand requires 20–30 minutes of driving. I’ve learned all the back routes so as to avoid the interstates whenever possible. One thing about St Louis I’ve never seen elsewhere: white neighborhoods are gated off at the west end of each section between major through streets, so they can only be entered from the east end of the neighborhood. I’m sure this makes the neighborhoods quiet and serene feeling, but its a hassle for drivers, and you can be sure it doesn’t happen in the northern neighborhoods. This is all about white entitlement. On the other hand, I’m in a lovely church, and have made good friends here. People have been very welcoming and kind to me. I think the bottom line is that you can find good and bad things everywhere. I’m thankful for my years in St Louis but I’m moving soon to a smaller place.

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