MLB new york mets filter face mask

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The U.S. is not the wealthiest country. It simply has a system that has allowed 1% of the population to grow their wealth over many decades while allowing billion dollar corporations to pay out sub par wages and benefits. The wealthiest are a bunch of two year olds who insist that everything is theirs and will steal it if they can and keep it for themselves. MLB new york mets filter face mask. Thats how they became rich. Well, see, the previous presidents created an national emergency stockpile and told hospitals that they need not worry about stock piling their own masks and gowns and equipment, because the central authority would handle it! Then, once they were lured into this false sense of security, the central authority used the stock pile 18 times and never bothered to refill it.

MLB new york mets filter face mask

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There is so much blame to go around here. First let’s start at the source. The hospitals that as a whole never kept an emergency supply for a crisis. MLB new york mets filter face mask. A lot of that is budget related, but still first line of defense. Second line of defense is state and larger local governments. They all had opportunities to prepare for a crisis and again little to nothing with a smaller blame on budgets. Finally the last line of defense the Federal Government. They have through multiple adminstrations done less than they could (and now it seems) should have done. Much like the 2008 mortgage crisis it wasn’t a single link in a chain that failed but an entire system that allowed a crisis.

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