Monica Purple Door Phone Case

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This new flu has killed under 3,000 people around the world since December. Monica Purple Door Phone Case. While within the U.S. in the past six months, the regular yearly flu has killed 18,000.

Monica Purple Door Phone Case

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Regular flu kills an average of 38,000 a year just in the U.S. but at least there are vaccines for regular flu. Anyway, if you are not a child or elderly you will get sick and then get well. Drink fluids, try to eat if you can, stay home as much as possible to rest. I agree though, why even go to a clinic if you think you’re sick with this virus? Monica Purple Door Phone Case. Expose the poor nurses and other folks waiting in the waiting area? Help the spread, why don’t you. Better yet, run to a walk-in clinic or your nearest ER it’s a sure way to almost guarantee you’ll end up with something much worse. Mark Robinson unless you have had contact with someone with the disease you more than likely have the flu. Symptoms are much the same. Mark Robinson yeah there is a huge lack in test kits worldwide. Everyone is sick right now. We’ll never know the true number. Symptoms of covid-19 are too broad. From asymptomatic to dying from pneumonia. Mark Robinson call your local health department and your primary care doctor. Being tested is less important than treating symptoms and avoiding infecting others. Mark Robinson walk in clinic? Seriously? Every state has testing protocol established. A nurse in a Doc in a Box may not be in the know however an emergency room will.

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