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I’ve lived in NW Montana since Summer ’94.( I grew up on a dairy farm in Northern VA, went to college in Asheville, NC and briefly lived in Bend OR between college and MT. ) So the Flathead Valley near Glacier Park is solidly home, but I am a transplant.  People in MT are good, kind, and do not typically judge on appearances. Montana For Trump Flag. I am kind of a hippie, very at home on the west  side of the state (the trees and the freethinkers live there was the way an older Eastern Montanan once described it) but have been warmly welcomed into the rancher communities – my brother and parents have followed me here- my brother is part military, part cowboy, and while we move in different communities (and live three hours apart) we can easily visit each other’s worlds.

Montana For Trump Flag

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There is a difference in the culture of the state from west of the divide ( a relatively small part of the state) and east of the divide, in politics, the cars/rigs we drive, the agriculture around us, the styles you commonly see.  Here in the west side, I can look for the cowboy hat and know its my brother – on the east side, everyone wears them (that’s a little exaggerated.)  And I drive Toyota, and Subarus full of dogs, my brother drives diesel dullys and pulls a horse trailer. Again, an exaggeration, but you get the drift.  The love of the outdoors, nature and it’s wildlife are shared by everyone – now that means different things to different folks, and that can get tense, but even there people frequently remain respectful and come together to work toward agreement. Montana For Trump Flag. Sometimes, not so much, but that it happens at all is remarkable in this day.  People take time to visit and talk to one another, and time is something to be considered, but we aren’t slaves to it.  Consistently you will find folks run 5 minute late; in winter, it can be longer.  People are pretty hardy and self reliant, but communities care for each other whenever need arises. In comparison to some of the southeast I experienced, I appreciate the way many girls are raised here, to handle themselves with confidence and to be competent in the outdoors and society – if not the harsh weather and hard living would have killed us off long ago I suspect. Another Montana character trait is that folks won’t bother you about what you are doing, even if they disapprove, as long as you aren’t bothering them – it’s a live and let live culture for sure.  I love that!   It can be hard to make a living, especially if you come with expectations from other parts of the US.

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