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Each of these descriptions is based on four surviving ink sketches of Senenmut’s face. Moon phases meanings witchery poster . Three of these portraits are currently housed at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, while the fourth remains undamaged on the wall of Tomb 353. All four are displayed in Senenmut profile, with one eye and forward-facing eyebrows in Egyptian art style. His rather round face and double chin definitely indicate a man who used to enjoy the good things in life, while the crow’s feet and wrinkles confirm he is no longer in his youth. spring when the sketches are done. The striking similarity between these less flattering sketches suggests that all four could be paintings that depict the Senenmut fact, drawn by people who really know him. the other more solemn of Senenmut, his statues and the illustrations on his mausoleum, are just ordinary representations of a ‘great Egyptian man’ without or without effort. Try to portray it correctly.

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