Mormor swedish grandma dala horse mug



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Such compassion you have. RIP Mormor swedish grandma dala horse mug General. Thank you for your service.. My condolences to his family and friends. Thank you Sir for this tribute to a great man. May he rest in peace.. Condolences to Ray’s family and loved ones. May his soul rest in peace. Condolences and prayers for him and his family.. Praying for the family . Rest In Peace. Thank you for your services General. Be blessed in Heaven. Condolences to his family. Peace and prayers for General Odierno, his family, friends and all who love him. . Thank you for your service, sir. May the Good Lord guide you in your next journey. God bless. Thank you sir for your service to our country. May you RIP.. Great man. Great loss. Thank you for your service.. Prayers for his family . May he RIP. Thank you for your service General!. Condolences. It is great memories you have shared Sir Obama

Mormor swedish grandma dala horse mug

vMormor swedish grandma dala horse mug-1 Mormor swedish grandma dala horse mug

Condolences Mormor swedish grandma dala horse mug . Thank-you for your Service and Sacrifice Play GIF Tenor. Prayers for his family and the soldiers, sailors and marines who have served under his leadership. I am beyond devastated of his loss and his leadership of what he achieved serving under Former President Obama. Today our military is proud for his service to our country and will be deeply missed.. CONDOLENCES to his family and friends. Thank you for your service sir. Thank you for serving and may God give your family His Strength and Peace to endure. Thanks again for serving.. May his soul Rest in Eternal Peace . Condolences to his family. God bless his soul and comfort his family.. Prayers and peace for family. My condolences to his family. May he RIP.. Thank you for your patriotic service General. A grateful nation thanks you.. Rest In Peace Sir. RIP Sir. Hugs to your family.. Condolences and Prayers. RIP! Thank you for your valuable service to our country

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Rest In Peace Sir and thank you for your leadership and service to our country.. Thank you for your service to our country sir
Sending prayers to the family.. God Bless my deepest condolences to the family and friends. May you Rest In Peace. . Rest easy Sir! May your wife Linda find peace during this devastating life event.. So sorry for your and his family’s loss! Grateful for his amazing trusted Service to our Country!. Such compassion from Mr Obama
. My condolences to the family . Oh no. Prayers for all who love him. He rests in the arms of our loving God. Thank you for your life of serving to others, Good Man.. Sincere condolences to all his family. A great mind and soldier for the people. . for the repose of his soul. Sending my deepest condolences to family and friends. . President Obama, I cry at times because this country is sorely missing your leadership, integrity, and compassion. I was proud to vote for you twice. The Lewis family wishes yours all the peace and joy this world can give you.

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