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Pass the Voting Rights Laws!!! Stop this madness!!! American’s deserve better!!!. Remember this, no matter what Republicans do, voters still hold the final say as to what happens. Always vote, always make your voice heard. Always remember who is trying to take your right to vote away !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. What these states have done should be null and void by the higher courts. Voting should be encouraged not discouraged, easier not harder, more options not less. Voting is a right, and no one should interfere with it. Motor harley davidson company classic cap Vote blue, less problems.. Now Bernie you know Vermont is a blue state. We have a Republican Governor and you a independent. I do not think all states fit this scenario.. Every citizen should get exactly one vote in their district. I worked in auditing all of my career. I have seen every kind of fraud and embezzlement. This is not voter suppression. Identification and verification is actually voter integrity. Let’s have fair and true elections.

Motor harley davidson company classic cap

What the spineless amoral Republicans do is no longer a shock as they know no bounds but what is shocking is the fact what they are doing and continue to do isn’t illegal!. It’s undemocratic and anti-American Tô as you put it ‘rig’ an election.. You instigated a terrorist attack against sitting members of the United States Congress. Resign Senator Sanders!!. It should be illegal, but it’s only unethical.. They’ve known this since before the Lewis Powell Memorandum in 1971. They’ve tried desperately to keep voters from knowing what that agenda is. Some of that bullshitting isn’t working as well as it used to, so on to Plan B.. So sad still to this day people have to continue to fight for their right to vote. . Aren’t the Republicans the party that never shut up about freedom and liberties.. If voting rights are not passed we are done as a democracy. Republicans are passing laws to guarantee they cannot loose even though their supporters are the minority of the country. This is the most important thing the House and Senate need to pass ASAP. Motor harley davidson company classic cap

Motor harley davidson company classic cap

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